Popcorn and a movie

Job 1 has let be purchase (on their dime) a membership to The Biggest Losers - online. Do I have a GREAT job or what??? Yes, I will use it in the workplace to promote health and wellness, but.. NICE!!! Last night was the first grocery outting with The Biggest Loser list in hand. It looks fairly simple actually. You select your menu from the list they give you and then you print your grocery list from that. Well, it's all set up for you and you just print it and shop. How simple is that? You eat alot of food on this plan, I can see that already. I have to spend the evening preparing and deciding how to make it work with my crazy life. I'm determined to make it work and to SUCCEED! They also let me purchase
(on their dime) the cookbook and workout dvd's 1 & 2. I haven't taken the plastic off them yet, but I intend to. We will have alittle library system at work and let folks check them out and use them. I'm quite excited about the prospect of wearing my shirt tucked in with a belt someday!

I've traded in my sewing maching... It's been a day of homework for me. It's snowing and cold and sleety and icky. Why not stay in and do your homework so you'll not only be done, but you'll be ahead! I'm currently taking Leadership, Law and Ethics. I was expecting it to be quite boring and most definately it's not anything I would have just chosen to take as an elective. I do have to admit, I like it. I'm enjoying the reading, which I normally HATE, and I'm really enjoying writing the papers. A sure sign that there's definately something wrong with me!

Job 1 has just been CRAZY since we returned to work on January 2nd. C.R.A.Z.Y. I tell ya! It's nothing specific that I can lay my finger on as to why, but LORDY...

I will be teaching Oprah's Debt Diet at Job 1, starting Thursday. 30 people are counting on me to know what I'm doing. **sigh** I've watched the video probably 4 times in all now. It's a nearly 5 hour dvd. But it's good! If these people can pay down their $170,00 of debt, not counting their $300,00 house, I can sure-as-hell pay down my pathetic little credit card (you know, my on-vacation card) and quit Job 2.

Yep, that's what I said. I plan to be able to quit Job 2 by the end of March. Now THAT'S inspiring! It's been nearly 7 long years at job 2. L.O.N.G. years I tell ya. I will miss the work and the people but definately not the job. Does that make sense?

And puppy makes 5. Yep, a new granddog has joined the ranks here in four-legged furry land. Meet Benelli aka Slippers. I can't remember if I've written about her or not, but she's the latest and greatest addition. Son and DIL are the proud parents of a chocoalte lab pointer. Can you see me rolling my eyes??? She's about 12 weeks old or so now and NAUGHTY. This weeks adventures included chewing the cord up on my electric blanket. Did I mention that it's freezing cold here, snowing and sleeting???? She also stole my hair clippy thingy off the end table while I was reading and doing homework and proceeded to chew it up on my bedroom floor. Then she took my new $60 plantar faciatus shoes and thought she'd chew those too. Lucky for her, I caught her as she was fixin' to take the first bite! I'm really enjoying her pooing and ya-knowing on the carpet too.

I'm off to figure out what I can prepare for next week and maybe get real wild and play a workout dvd as I sit in the chair! Wish y'all were here to sit and eat popcorn with me as we watch the movie!

Stay warm!

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