Did I Say Vacation??

AAAaaawwwww... vacation. Uhu, that's right - sleeping in at LEAST an hour or two late. Little to no house work and laundry being done. And really, very hard to make myself load the dishwasher. I've napped - daily, and there's 1/2 the quilt top done now. I have to say, it's been nice to be a lady of liesure for a few days.

Tomorrow is the big ole 3.7. birthday. My bestest friend in the whole-wide-world and me are going to GI for lunch and then - it's car shopping day. I guess it's ok to treat myself to a new (used) car for my own birthday, right? Vain... am I vain?? I'll just be thrilled to spend the day with K - talking and laughing and goofing around. It's been quite a while since we've gotten to do that.

I went BACK to the backer-cracker today. My hip is just still not right. I know my ass is big and blah blah blah.. but it shouldn't hurt every time I try to turn over in bed.. and it does. He'd been using the cattle-prodding looking tasery zapper thingy but today... today was serious. On the table. One leg tucked behind the other, all rolled around, his leg over mine... and CRACK...OH.MY.GOD.. I was sure I was either dead or would surely die within the hour. There were 2 big spots in my upper and middle back that he crackered like that, then both hips, and last but not least -- to finish killing me off.. my neck. HOLY. SHIT-OLY. I was afraid to turn my neck as I was SURE my head would fall off and roll across the floor. I'm stiff and sore tonight, but I really am feeling some better in a sick, sore kind of way.

Son asked me about finishing the new kitchen oak flooring. WHAT??? FINISH?? YOU??? SERIOUSLY????? I was elated! Of course he hasn't done anything to it, yet, but there's new found hope! He asked me if the kitchen floor or the bathroom tile under the washer/dryer and doors on the cabinet were more important. Hhhmmm welll..... both... but, we ARE tearing socks and stubbing toes in the kitchen. Hmmm I'd say the kitchen. HURRAY FOR ME! HURRAY FOR MY FLOOR! (I hope!)

Then we discussed the new garage. I started pleading my case about it and the time frame, and the wedding and the time frame, and the time frame... and and and... his lack of sense of urgency was gently introduced to the conversation. It was actually pretty well received overall but I best not push the envelope. I'll be building my own garage if I don't watch myself.

I guess that's about it for a days work. I'm totally ready for a hot bath and a good snuggly night of sleeping. Have a super night ladies!

The heart remembers most what it loved the best.

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