Why buy it when you can just steel it??

My life here is quiet and for the most part, uneventful. So, this update won't be too exciting by any stretch of the imagination.

I'd have to say, hands down, the most excitement I can attest to is at the dreaded job 2. Wednesday, I think the thieves were out in full force. It was little old lady day out in the grocery store, only for thieves. I swear.

Thief 1 - For whatever reason, a self-check out register spit out cash and the guy took the $150+ and ran. That started it.

Thief 1 continued - About 2 hours later, he's still in the store, mulling around, got a shopping cart and loaded up an $847 flat screen t.v., brought it to customer service and asked if he could return it without his receipt as he'd gotten it for a gift. I was summoned over by the cashier. I told him no, he couldn't. He said "but I can exchange it, right?" Uhhh no, not without a receipt, not for that amount of money. He goes into this whole I have to go, my family is in the car, and he's quite nervous. As he should have been. I called our store manager to let him have a say and to try to get him up there in a quick hurry. He's asking me all these questions that I can't answer of course because he's standing right in front of me. Finally he asked if there was cause for concern? HELLOO---- have you not been listening to me ---- uhuh! The guy took off with the t.v. for the door and our manager cut him off at the door and rescued the t.v.

Thief 2 - a gal calls the store and gets an assistant manager, telling this assistant manager how our store manager said it was ok to take her credit card over the phone and buy a gift certificate. NOT! But this manager is clueless. She calls me and tells me I need to take this call. I told the lady that I could not, under any circumstances take a credit card over the phone. "oh your store manager J.C. said it was ok earlier when I called." NOT! But, the call was transfered to me to take care of the customer. I had a co-worker right there and we agreed it was a bad decision. We did it because the manager transfered the call to us, supposedly doing her homework before transfering it. The minute we did it, I was just sick to my stomach. So,we cashed out the gift card of $750 so the customer wouldn't be able to use it. I called the assistant manager and told her we undid it. Oh, she says, do you think we shouldn't have done it? UHHH YOU THINK??? Is that not company policy first of all? And, if J.C. had ok'd it earlier in the day, why didn't he just do it then?? In the end, it was, of course, a scam but we didn't lose any of our money thank goodness!

Oh yeah, these are all in the same evening, did I say that already??

Thief 3 - a lady at the self check outs with a rubbermade tote with a lid. Scans the tote and tosses it in her cart. The cashier knows that she needs to look inside that tote - again company policy. So she goes over and just pops the lid off. Of course, it's loaded to the top with merchandise. The lady starts screaming that "now she has to pay for it!!!" WTF??? Of course you do! She then didn't want any of that stuff and left having spent like $11-12 total. We tallied up everything that came out of that tote. $322 and change. It was alot of clothes and perfumes. Looked like Christmas items to us. We still think her young girls got out with new winter coats and new purses as we couldn't see them come in with those same items. But we couldn't prove it.

Thief 4 - F.G. the gangster that "shops" packing a gun. He wears a thug and rapper type baggy clothes that are 3 sizes too big. And of course, the gun. People are afraid of him when he's in there ripping us off. Finally on Monday, after numerous complaints, our manager J.C. told him that he wasn't welcome to shop there. Apparently on Tuesday night late (my night off), he was back in there and nobody called the police like we've now been instructed to do. COME ON PEOPLE!

If it weren't for these special customers at job 2, I would have no excitement at all in my ho-hum little life. People are daring and crazy and it gets worse the closer to Christmas it is.

I work 4 more shifts at job 2 before I'm Jamaica bound. Yep, this time next week I'll be packed and headed to Airport City to board the bird to take us to a week of aawwwwhhhhh... How nice will that little break be before the craziness of Christmas and the holidays? I dunno for sure, but I aim to find out!

Best Friend Kathy and I have made up our minds that we need to do some working out together and get this blubber off. I've been being much more careful about what I'm eating and increasing the protein at the suggestion of my doctor. So, Kathy has a treadmill and a bowflex we're trying to incorporate. Yesterday was day 1. It felt pretty good and the treadmill was cushy so my bad foot didn't even hurt walking for 20 minutes at a turtles clip. 2.6 mph. The bowflex was a hoot and we laughed our way through legs, arms and whatever we did. We're both off today so we'll give it another shot I guess.

The leaves are falling like crazy here and I should be cleaning them up right now. I'm just not interested. I need to make a weeks worth of meals and wash my bedding and probably lay on the couch or sometihng.

That's about it from the middle of nowhere. I'll update the details of Jamaica when I get back.

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