Belly Dance 3 -- 4

Oh my gosh! Girls, you HAVE to take a belly dancing class! I can't tell you the last time I laughed so much at myself! Belly Dance 101. Try If only I could jiggle like that in all the right places at all the right times. I can see why it's such a good workout. If I would practice at home every night I would get more out of it, but how much fun. Who'd have guessed!

I bought a skirt and top for our wedding. The color of the outfit is Victorian Lilac. Somehow I just don't see me as the bride in white. HD and I went shopping on Saturday and shopped til we dropped. I got the outfit ordered so that's off our list. We made a list of other things we need to do and suprisingly enough, it's not so bad. Guess we have more done and more together than we thoughts. That's good since we're down to about 96 days! Before I know it, we'll be Mr & Mrs HD! How exciting!

HD's brother is talking about renting a car and driving his mother out here for the wedding from PA. HOLY COW. We were shocked. That's awefully nice of him.

HD and I have decided to try to play the lottery a little bit. We figure we can make our donation just like everyone else! haha But, we could win too :) Oh the things we could do if we could just pay off what we have and go on. :)

Did y'all hear that stamps are going up aGAIN! I wish I had online bill pay through our bank. DAMN... can't even afford to mail bills anymore. It's bad enough you have to pay bills but then they honk you for a damn stamp?? What the hell??

I finished quilt number 3 for OS's daughters. I'm taking them out to have the binding put on them tomorrow. So, in a couple weeks or so, they should be done. Some 2+ years later... :) Better late than never. Honestly, I don't think the girls know they're coming so they don't know they're late! NICE!!

That's about it from here. Remember girls -- Belly Dance!!

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