69 Days and counting

Where have I been? I don't really know, but I sure haven't been online updating!

Things here are in full wedding swing. I made mints today. ForEVER. 235 mints later, I quit. I have more "dough" but I just couldn't roll one more little purple cream cheese ball today. I froze what I got done and maybe I'll do some more this week... Invitations are done. D.O.N.E. done! They're stuffed, with maps, sealed, addressed AND stamped. OS swapped me the flower stamps for the love stamps because the purple goes with the invitations. I know, kind of silly... but, bless her heart for doing that for me! We really have most things in order other than wrapping up the food stuff. And that, we have a pretty good idea about. 69 days girls... 69 days. I can't believe it!

Friend Tracy and I each got a 30 day free membership to Curves. That's quite a place. That 30 minutes sure goes by in a hurry. And when the place if full of women, oh the cackling!! Like a bunch of old hens. But the laughing is the best! I've only been at it a week, but I do like it. Of course, the whole "buddy" thing is a MUST. It's silly to think I can't go there alone. I actually knew 4-5 people that I've seen over the week. And we're all there doing the same thing... so who cares? I dunno, but I feel a bit intimidated just yet going it alone.

HD is buying a new motorcycle. A touring something or other.. a comfort something or other.. ya know, 2 wheels, seat, horn... the usual. But the difference is the stereo, cruise control... and I don't know what else. I told him that if I could shed 50 pounds, I'd learn to ride. And then the damn Curves thing came up... I'm going to have to learn to ride yet! The community college here offers a motorcycle class. It's a Friday night, Saturday and Sunday event that teaches you to ride, be safe, and if you pass the test at the end, you get your license by taking their card to the DMV. He's already asking me if I got signed up. UUHhh... no. Not yet. I told him I'd like to get some practice in with him before I signed up like an idiot! That'll buy me some time! :)

What's up with the price of gas? GOOD GRIEF!!!! I did see it for $3.06 today, so buzzed right in there to fill'er up. It was $3.17 most places, so I feel like I got the Kmart Blue Light Special on gas. I might have to learn to ride a motorcycle strictly because of the price of gas. And I'm SICK of hearing how the oil companies have made X-billions of dollars... yeah, thanks assholes. Maybe they should try living on budgets based on the money that the rest of us make... That really hacks me off.

I've been tanning for our wedding. If I can't be skinny, I can at least be tan, right?? I don't want to be the pastey-white bride.. I don't want to be the fat bride either, but I don't seem to be able to get that under control. I AM back to journaling what's going in my mouth. That does make it a bit easier to STOP the maddness.

Best Friend K and I went goofing around today. We haven't done that for several weeks now and I was having withdrawls! Our schedules don't jive too well as of the past 6 months since the hospital is on Critical Staffing... she works aLOT. But we got together today for some shopping (gotta love the Earth Shoes!) and lunch. Then we searched this town high and low for the new Chocolate Covered Cherry flavored M & M's. No deal... Disappointing... we had our hearts set on them. A patient of hers gave her a sample yesterday. The mere thought of them makes my mouth water.. oh yeah, and my hips spread. It's probably a good thing we never found them, we'd have eaten them. Probably all of them. :)

The bank called me yesterday to ask if I knew I was still on my ex-husband's account. I drove to the bank like my hair was on fire. The first thing I asked was if I was going to get hung for anything. "Not yet" she said. (Thank GOD!) Then I asked, jokingly, well sort of..., if he had any money in there before I signed off! :) That would have REALLY frosted his buttons if I'd have taken some of the money out of "our account! :) Oh but that would have been so much fun! I signed off on the account, which still had my maiden name on it... mind you I've been divorced nearly 8 years... Thank goodness for a small town bank that looked out for me. Ex has bad.. BAD credit and I have been "hung" for his things before. Another thing that hacks me off!

That's how things have been here. Busy and crazy. Just like I like them. Can't imagine it any other way.

Have a good one ladies!

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