Monday Monday

And tomorrow is Monday, again. It sure does come around alot faster than Friday. Wish we could turn that around.

HD brought home our new HD cruzer. It's definately a big hog. I can barely get on and off that booger. It came with chatter boxes, so that's been fun to play with. It has the fancy-schmancy radio and cd player. So we cruised along to the tunes and had some conversation too. Like it. If I could just figure out a more graceful way to climb on and off...

It's damn cold here today. It even snowed for about an hour or so. It has that wintery chill in the air and makes my old bones ache. Where oh where oh WHERE is spring?? I looked around the corner but didn't see it.

We took the dogs to the vet yesterday for their shots. Sam aka Sir Hef-a-lot, tipped the scale at 47 fat pounds. HOLY CRAP! And Sadie weighed 17 pounds. That's about 4-5 pounds more than she should weigh, but she's lost 4. Sam, on the other hand, has actually lost 5. Yeah, last year he tipped in at 52. I will try to take them on a walk each evening if it will only warm up. Sam is arthritic as well as fat and can barely go 2 blocks. But if we work on it every day and he gets on a baby aspirin a day, he should be able to build up some good distance before too long. Sadie, she's always ready to go and for an old chick, she can sure cover 12-15 blocks pretty easily.

I bought a Furbuster. OHMYGOSH! If y'all have a pet that sheds at ALL, you need one! It rakes that dead undercoat out and stops the majority of the shedding. I had a pile of hair from Sam that would have filled 1/2 a laundry basket, and that was just from his neck to the top of his tail, and just down his back. He doesn't like to be brushed but did finally just lay down and let me do it. I think after we got going, it felt like I was itching him, and he'll never admit it, but I think he liked it! :)

We're quickly narrowing down the "to do" list for the wedding. The food, of course, which we have decided. HD needs to get a shirt. We need to come up with a table for the Unity Sand. I have been arguing about my dress with the stupid Bridal Collection people. I ordered it (top and skirt) February 9th. 6-10 weeks she told me. Ok, fine. I called on it last week only to be told it won't be shipping until April 28th. WHAT??? She ASSSSSUUURRREESSS me that her alteration people can turn this dress around in 2 days. UHU, sure. And I'll have to drive 30 miles to their joint when I had made arrangements here based on the 6-10 week business. Thanks alot...

We tried to set up our rehersal dinner with Applebee's. Mind you, we would be giving them approximately 18 guests and 65+ days notice. Nope, they wouldn't work with us. I sent a complaint to Applebee's. Haven't heard back just yet, but I'm sure it won't matter to them. Freaks.

Other than that, it's the same old same old here.

I hate to dash off, but, Extreme Home Make Over is on, and I'm a junkie that needs my fix!

Have a good one ladies!

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