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The weather is beautiful here today. Sunshine and around 70. A light breeze. Great weather. It rained here last night and the forcast for the weekend is mostly rain, but wow, the new grass looks fantastic!

Daughter-in-law started her new job at Home Depot. So far so good. She seems to like it and there are lots of opportunities with the company to move around and move up. They want to send her to school to become a manager. Sounds like there is potential for me to live well in my old age!

Garage is done, all but the siding and garage door opener. Power is in now so I'm no longer in the dark. Ok ok, I know I'm in the dark alot, but... We're working on the plans for the addition. We've incorporated new blocked walls for the basement into this little plan. It needs to be done, and HD can lay block, so we decided to just get it done too. All the windows have been measured so I can get them ordered. New windows throughout the house - man that'll be nice. I have my siding picked out, but have to wait for the addition to be done. I'm excited about it all which is making me a little impatient. Can you imagine that? Oh yeah, and French Doors between the dining room and the addition. And a stove in the addition, of some sort.

Went to Colorado with Hunky Dunky last Thursday and Friday. That was a nice little outting. He's taking me to Pennsylvania in June, so that'll be another nice little outting. We have so many plans. So much we want to do together. So much in common. It's amazing. I keep thinking I'll wake up and this won't really be my life, but, waaa laa...

A month plus a couple weeks since the end of job 2. Do I miss it??? Nope, not at all. I miss some of the people, but when I run into them and they tell me the goings-ons, I'm so glad I'm gone. In all honesty, it's probably a cost savings for me to be gone. I dont' go there, hardly ever, not even once a week average, and, I don't spend money on this-n-that. So, being out of there is a good think all the way around.

Weighed in last week. Down another 3 lbs. I think that makes 19 lbs total now? Can't remember exactly. Liking that.

Hunky Dunky's ex-wife gave him their car. Just come get it and you can have it. WTF? How weird is that? The lady who had been dating a married man for several years behind his back and took HD to the cleaners in the divorce... here, want something back for free? Weird. But, hey, it's free... and it's a nice little car. Suzuki something or other. The catch, come get it. In Pennsylvania. So he loaded up his red truck and away he went. He came back with it and the title. Hhmmm weird. She called here on Saturday morning before we were even out of bed to wish him a happy birthday and tell him that she planned to cancel the insurance on it on Monday. Weird. She went on about how she's not dating the same married man, again, and give him 30 days and he'll leave his wife, etc. What the HELL are you doing lady?? He's married! And he didn't leave her after the first 3 years of the affair, so he probably won't leave her now. Some people just don't get it. On a funnier note, I told 6 yr old Princess Niece that HD got the car in Pennsylvania. She repeated it back to me. He got the car in Pencil-mania. How CUTE!

Dog Sadie has LOST.HER.MIND! I've whipped her little hairy butt nearly every day for a month. What part of "don't get in the trash" aren't you picking up on? You're 10 yrs old, you know better, you've been whipped for this before... what's wrong with you? I got no idea, but I'm sure sick of it. Last night I chased her down the block and into the neighbors back yard, which of course, pissed me off all the more. I beat her butt all the way home. She's still not talking to me.

That's about all the news from smallville. Take care y'all.

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